Go Co-op

The project aims to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the role of co-operatives in Ireland and the practicalities involved in their establishment.

This is achieved by means of researching and producing five case studies of new/emerging co-operatives. The focus of the case studies is on the motivations and experiences of these new co-operatives including factors facilitating and/or hindering their development.

These objectives help deliver on the critical goals identified by the International Co-operative Alliance in its Blueprint for
a Co-operative Decade (2012) specifically “building the co-operative message” and “securing the co-operative identity”.  The Blueprint specifically identifies evidence-gathering and demonstration through case studies as a means to further these goals.
The resulting cases will address a current gap in good quality, up-to-date cases of this kind in an Irish context.  It is anticipated that they will be of benefit to the following:

•    Individuals/groups wishing to establish a co-operative whether in terms of inspiration or by way of practical example
•    Educators and researchers in need of relevant case studies to demonstrate the roles and practicalities as well as policy issues pertaining to co-operative development
•    Representative/apex bodies involved in the establishment and development of co-operatives

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